When you want to make tortillas, you want to make them the right way. This is when having the best comal pan comes into play. Although they are traditionally used throughout Mexico, they can be used in any kitchen. They are multi-purpose so cooking other food with it is possible. It resembles a griddle, but the difference lies in its material, which is normally clay. However, this is not always the case.


Using a Metal Comal

Using a metal comal for tortillas will provide a taste that is significantly different. When making home-made tortillas, a cast iron is generally used due to the huge amount of heat they can hold and their nonstick consistency.

A pan made of carbon steel resembles much of what cast iron provides. The downside though is that they end up being thin in nature. When it is a thin pan, many spots will develop from uneven heating although it heats up quickly. When your pan is heated up, you need to keep an eye on it so that the tortilla does not get burned. Depending on the amount of tortilla you make will determine which type of cast iron to use too, especially if saving time is a factor.


So in light of that, here are the top comal pans that will provide the best tortilla.

  1. The Lodge Cast Iron with Handles

This pre-seasoned pan has handles that allow the user to grip the pan easily while making tortilla. It has the perfect shape of a tortilla and a great amount of versatility. Besides tortilla, it allows the user to cook other food items such as ham, eggs, or beef. It is manufactured as nonstick so there is no need for seasoning the pan. Being American made guarantees the quality so you will know it will be a great investment.

  1. Nonstick 13.5” Comal Pan from IMUSA

This nonstick 13.5” comal pan from IMUSA is carbon steel with handles. It will heat quickly and will have your tortillas cooked in no time flat. It truly is a great choice as it is thin and light. However, you also need to keep an eye on your tortillas to prevent burns. As you continue to use it you will see a big improvement in its coating and creating more flavorful tortilla. Be sure to have it seasoned first to avoid future rusting. You can also check this page to view more cast iron tortilla griddles reviewed.

  1. Mexican Clay Comal from Ancient Cookware

With this clay comal from Ancient Cookware provides an authentic Mexican taste in every tortilla that you make. This comal is made from natural clay that is untreated and useable on all heat sources including open fires and direct heat. It does need to be seasoned by using dry lime, but that will enhance the tortilla flavor so it’s a win-win.