-Why a Truck?

Trucks are an excellent choice when looking for a vehicle. They are safe, good in inclement weather, reliable, useful, and fun to drive. You can haul and tow, and the cab can be big enough for a family of five. If you have or have had a truck, you already know these things. If you haven’t, consider one for your next vehicle purchase. You won’t regret it. Truck owners love their truck accessories. Lift kits, all terrain tires, black out light covers, light bars, etc., but often tonneau covers are forgotten.

-Tonneau Cover Overview:

There are three types of tonneau covers, hard cap, folding, and roll up. The roll up style are the ones we will focus on. They are the least expensive and provide all of the same benefits of the more expensive styles. You can get roll up tonneau covers for most trucks for around $200. Roll up tonneau covers are made from a soft nylon material and aluminum for the frame. The frame attaches to the top of the bed and the tonneau cover itself connects right behind the cab. Roll up tonneau cover have a plastic lip around the edge that stretches tightly over the aluminum frame to secure it when in use.

-Benefits of Roll Up Tonneau Covers:

There are many benefits to having a roll up tonneau cover. First of all, they look good. This is a clean, sleek addition to your truck. On top of looking good, there are also practical benefits to the addition of a roll up tonneau cover. First of all, a tonneau cover actually helps with fuel economy because it decreases the truck’s lag. Over time the tonneau cover will pay for itself. Trucks are typically thought of as gas guzzlers, so any help with fuel economy is welcomed by their owners.

-More Tonneau Cover Benefits:

Another benefit to a roll up tonneau cover is it provides a weatherproof seal over your truck bed so you can store or transport items without having to worry about inclement weather damaging it. If you are moving something too large to slide under the tonneau cover, you just roll it up, fasten it behind the cab, and go about your trip. It takes minutes to roll up the tonneau, so convenience is not a concern. The tonneau also helps protect the truck bed from weather and rust. This will help with the resale value of your vehicle when you go to upgrade to a new truck. Finally, tri fold tonneau covers for truck help prevent the theft of items being stored in the bed. Contractors know the value of the tools they have in their bed on a daily basis. Tonneau covers keep these out of view and keeps unwanted hands out.

-In Closing:

Truck owners will already understand this, but if you are new to driving a truck, a roll up tonneau cover is a must have. After a reasonable upfront cost, tonneau covers help with fuel costs and can give you more piece of mind when transporting items in your truck bed. These are a must have accessory for any truck owner.