In the last few years, Singapore has reported a significant number of permanent residence (PR) applications. In this article, we will look at some of the reasons why some people want to migrate and live in Singapore permanently. Singapore is an Asian country strategically located as a business hub. The following are the reasons we are talking about


Career opportunities

In Singapore, skilled immigrants are in high demand, and they are given equal job opportunities in the formal and informal sectors. By equal opportunities, I mean there is no discrimination. As long you are qualified and have the required experience, you will easily find a job. Most immigrants come here in search of greener pastures.


Quality of life

If you are searching for a country with high standards of living to migrate to, Singapore is one of them, thanks to mega residential projects (see normanton park showflat). Despite being an Asia country, its living standards are world-class, and if you are used to that kind of lifestyle, you can easily find it here. Due to these high standards, people from neighboring underdeveloped Asian countries are moving to Singapore for Permanent residence. The hospitals are also world-class, and they are not expensive compared to some countries. This is because in public medical facilities, the services are subsidized by the government for everybody to afford.


Good education system

Most Singapore schools teach the western education curriculum, so your children will be highly competitive in the job markets. Many people also like the country because it has some of the best tertiary institutions recognized worldwide. Most students who come here as university students rarely do, they go back to their mother countries. After they come here most of them fall in love with everything in this country. Later, when they are through with their studies, they get jobs and apply for permanent residence.


Lesser permanent residence requirements

Compared to some countries, Singapore has more favorable permanent residence requirements. The process is straightforward and easy to follow, unlike some countries where the process and requirements are almost impossible to meet.


Favorable climate and culture

Most foreigners are attracted to permanently migrate to Singapore because the country experiences a tropical climate. There is a warm temperature of between 18 to 30 degrees Celsius almost all year round. The country is also near the equator line. Singapore is a welcoming nation with people from different cultures. As a permanent residence citizen, you will have almost all equal rights and freedom like the country’s citizens.


Stability of the country

The country has a stable economic and political environment that allows people to conduct business with peace of mind. Remember, for any business to succeed and grow, there must be a favorable environment.