Naming a star can be a rewarding experience that also includes lasting presents in a gift pack. A star could be a present that leaves a lasting impression, or just name a star to leave a mark on science or the world. Think of naming a star something noteworthy. There are different ways to customize the experience with There are three different packages available to select from when naming a star with the register. These packages are the Deluxe Star Kit, the Supernova Star Kit, and the Twin Star Kit and each name a different star type along with a special gift package the comes with the registration.

Deluxe Star Kit

Consider the Deluxe Star Kit, which includes more than just naming a star. In addition to naming a visible constellation star, customers will get a personalized PDF certificate to authenticate their purchase. Additionally, the kit includes a star map that shows the coordinates to the star registered, a photobook with gorgeous images of space displayed inside, Celestia software that renders some of the most scenic depictions of space available on a computer, and a star factsheet with curious insights within. The package is a reasonable $34.99, and the star name will last a lifetime.

Supernova Star Kit

The packages get interesting at the Supernova Star Kit. Adding on to the contents of the Deluxe Star Kit, the Supernova Kit comes with the naming rights to an extraordinarily bright star, the likes of which are discovered only 80 or so times a year! The Supernova Kit also comes with a listing for two acres of Lunarland that is set in the customer’s name. The star in this package is brighter than usual, which makes for a great time looking for it in the night sky. Like all the packages, the constellation star is visible to the naked eye in the United States. The Supernova Star Kit is listed at only $79.00 and that makes it a gift for a special occasion, for oneself or others.

Twin Star Kit

The final of the three customizable star package options is the Twin Star Kit. This is perfect for those in love. The Twin Star Kit comes with the naming rights to two stars that sit together in the sky. Show a connection between two people through love of a different kind, like that of family. Each Twin Star Kit comes with certificates for both stars and a personal dedication message to be presented with each. That makes it a wonderful present for a family member just as much as for a soulmate. The kit also comes with everything seen in the Supernova package, apart from the naming rights. The Twin Star Kit comes in at only $59.99, and so for the little extra, get a little extra.