Is There A Link Between Taxotere And Permanent Hair Loss?

The Link Between Taxotere And Permanent Hair Loss

Taxotere and Chemotherapy

One of the main side effects from chemotherapy is hair loss due to the drugs used. Taxotere is a drug proven to cause significant hair loss in most of the patients who use this drug. The hair loss associated with this drug is significant because it can be permanent. Three to fifteen percent of all individuals who take Taxotere experience permanent hair loss – more info can be easily found on: Can Taxotere cause me to suffer permanent hair loss? The severity ranges from inconsistent growth to patchy to complete baldness.

The Reason Taxotere Causes Hair Loss

Chemotherapy drugs work because they attack the cell division in the body. Tumors consist of masses of cancerous cells, and these cells uncontrollably divide and grow. To combat this, Taxotere targets DNA replication which is cell division’s first step. The problem is it is not possible to simply target the cancerous cells. Taxotere cannot tell the difference between an aggressive cell and a healthy cell, so all the cells within the body are affected. One of the bodies quickest growing cells are hair follicles. This means they are attacked by the Taxotere. Although these cells are generally able to repair themselves, when the follicles are permanently and badly damaged, the hair is unable to regrow.

The Link Between Taxotere and Hair Loss

When Taxotere first became available in the United States market, there was no mention of permanent hair loss being a possible side effect by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. There were numerous lawsuits who alleged the risks were apparent a lot earlier, and these risks had already been made available to the patients and physicians in Canada and Europe. The FDA added a statement to the label for Taxotere in December of 2015 that there were reported cases of permanent alopecia, or hair loss. It was further stated normal hair growth would return in most cases. Despite the warning on the label, many victims affected by hair loss are struggling for recognition, and want to be taken seriously. There is ample evidence through studies permanent hair loss can result from the use of Taxotere. When the drug was originally prescribed, most of the patients and physicians were unaware of this fact. The side effects list on the official list at that time did not include a permanent loss of hair. Even a current list of common side effects from Taxotere does not include permanent hair loss. A common side effect is defined as any condition occurring in one to ten percent of the patients using the drug. Since three to fifteen percent of Taxotere users do experience permanent loss, they do not understand why it was not mentioned on the list.

The Clinical Trials for Taxotere

Clinical trials are a part of the FDA process for all drugs. There were 1,060 women suffering from breast cancer included in the trials last phase. This trial started during the mid-1990’s. The follow-up lasted ten years, and indicated 9.2 percent of these women has experienced permanent hair loss from Taxotere. Another study showed 3.9 percent of 744 women were still struggling with permanent hair loss eight years after they had finished their treatment. The company did not publish these side effects, or make the information available to physicians.

Choosing The Best Baseball Bat

If you need to buy new baseball bats for a team you manage or play in, you may not know what you should be looking for when it comes to the best baseball bats for your purpose.

Luckily, there are a few things you can look for when choosing baseball bats. Things that will help you weed out the bats that are not good quality or likely to help your team win, as well as choose the ones that are and could.

Three things to look for — When it comes to choosing a good quality baseball bat, there are three things in particular that are quite important.

These are the weight of the bat, the thickness and how the handle of the bat feels when you grip it.

The weight, of course, means you need a bit that feels heavy enough to swing smoothly but not so heavy that it is weighing you down.

The thickness of any bat used in a game cannot be thicker than 2.61 inches, but you want to make sure that it is as close to that as possible. That is because the thicker the bat the more surface there is to make contact with the ball, and the less chance that the player will miss it when swinging.

As far as the handle of the bat goes, it should offer a firm grip and not be likely to fly out of your hand if you start to lose even a partial grip on it.

Wood or aluminum — While aluminum bats have been popular for quite a long time as players feel they hit the ball faster, the problem with them is they can be quite dangerous.

This is due to the speed a ball travels when hit by one.

This is also why more people are now calling the best baseball bats as those made out of wood. They are easier to take care of, they hit a ball a little slower so tend to be safer for players on the field, and they tend to break less often.

The best material for a bat? — As people move back to wooden bats, there are three types of wood most bats tend to be made from. Nowadays, however, maple or ash are now the woods of choice for most people who know anything about baseball bats.

This is because both maple and ash are woods that are less likely to shatter when a ball is hit with great force. Unlike hickory, which used to be a popular wood for a baseball bat.

Finding the best baseball bats — The easiest way to find the best baseball bats for you or your team is to read reviews of specific bats so that you know how heavy they are, what they are made of, what the grip is like and if the thickness is correct.

You can also read reviews from players that have used specific bats to find out what they did and did not like about them.

Choosing The Right Snowboard Bindings For You

Buying new snowboard bindings several times a year can be frustrating. Especially if you are not sure about which are the best snowboard bindings currently available.

Look for these things when choosing your next bindings, however, and you can be guaranteed you will end up with the best snowboard bindings for your specific needs.

There are many different best snowboard bindings — While you may think there are just a few bindings manufacturers on the market today that are considered the best snowboard binding brands, this is actually not true.

This is because the type of snowboard bindings that are the best for you will differ, and that depends on the type of boots you wear and the board you ride.

This is why you should be looking for the best snowboard bindings for your particular situation. Meaning bindings that are high quality, get good reviews and that will fit both your boots and your board correctly.

Choosing snowboard bindings — There are several things you should look at when choosing bindings. These are things that are important for every binding, but that will differ slightly for you depending on your board, your boots, your riding style and your personal likes and dislikes.

Riding style — Do you like a relaxed, laid-back riding style or are you very precise out on the slopes? Depending on how you like to ride, you need to choose snowboard bindings that will fit that purpose.

If relaxed is more your norm, choose high quality snowboard bindings that flex giving your feet a little room to move. If riding in a precise manner is your style, you will want to buy snowboard bindings that allow little flex.

There are typically three types of styles — park/freestyle, all-mountain and free ride.

If the first is more your speed, then flexible snowboard bindings are what you should be looking for when you shop. If all-mountain is your style — meaning you get involved in all types of snowboarding — then a medium flex is key. For free riders, those who ride fast and big, then snowboard bindings that have a very stiff flex will be the best choice.

Which flex rating works the best for you? — All snowboard bindings now come with a flex rating. The 1 rating means they are extremely soft and flexible, while 10 is the stiffest you can buy.

Decide on how you like to ride, and then choose the snowboard bindings with the rating that works for you. Or buy two sets — a 3 rating for when you enjoy a flexible ride, and a 9 or 10 for when you really need to be precise.

Types of bindings — Finally, you need to choose the type of binding you wear — either strap-in or rear-entry bindings, and the choice for these is really just personal preference.

Keep in mind, however, while strap-in snowboard bindings may mean it takes you longer to get on your board and fastened in, they do offer more security in most cases.

Rear-entry bindings are easier to get into and to secure, but they may not always be the best choice for high-speed and very precise riding. Instead, it is usually snowboarders that like comfort over anything else that will automatically choose these.

The Lotus Flower, Peace, Rebirth and Creation

The Lotus flower’s beauty is undeniable but its importance in religion has made it a well-recognized symbol in Hindu, Buddhism and the ancient Egyptian religion. Ancient Egyptian artists created hieroglyphics featuring the flower. Many times, the hieroglyphics show an image of the lotus emerging from the primordial water, Nun, bringing forth the sun god. Also, the four sons of Horus are often depicted standing on a lotus flower with Osiris behind them. Buddha is often portrayed in art sitting on the lotus, as is the Hindu goddess of prosperity, Laxmi. There are also paintings portraying Lord Vishnu with a lotus growing from his navel. The God of creation, Brahma is emerging from the flower. The associations with other gods and goddesses in the Hindu religion shows an even greater importance of the lotus flower.

Though important in each religion, what the lotus symbolizes in each is different. To the Ancient Egyptians, the flower was a symbol of rebirth because of its withdrawal into the water at night and its emergence during the day. Because of this, the flower was also associated with the sun and symbolized creation. It was often used as a symbol of the unity of upper and lower Egypt by picturing the Lotus which was a symbol of lower Egypt intertwined with papyrus reeds, a symbol of upper Egypt. In the Hindu religion, the lotus represents many things including beauty, eternity, prosperity, spirituality and fertility. Because a lotus can emerge from muddy waters with its beauty unscathed, it symbolizes wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. In Hindu, it is believed people should be like the lotus flower. They should stand on their own without attachment and dedicate their lives to God without material things being a distraction. It is believed that the lotus holds the soul and it lives deep in the heart. It is something that humans strive to reach but can only be reached at a higher consciousness free of wealth and material things. In Buddhism, the lotus is seen as a symbol of rebirth, faithfulness, spiritual awakening and purity. Because the lotus emerges from the water clean, it is considered pure but this is also why it is a symbol of rebirth. Since it breaks through the surface every morning, it symbolizes enlightenment. The level of enlightenment is also symbolized by how open the lotus is. If it is closed, it represents the time before enlightenment. A partially opened bud means enlightenment is far away and a fully open bud means it is time for enlightenment. The color of the lotus flower also symbolizes things in Buddhism. A blue lotus represents the victory of the soul over wisdom and knowledge while white often called the womb of the world symbolizes being awakened, mental purity and spiritual perfection. The purple lotus represents mysticism. The pink lotus is the true lotus of Buddha while the red symbolizes love and compassion.

The importance of the lotus in religion is great and will continue with its symbolism in paintings, sculptures and in the religions themselves.

Spruce up your summer backyard parties with an inflatable water slide

In the summer when people entertain there are many benefits for purchasing a water slide. It is something that both adults and kids can enjoy. So if you have a picnic or barbecue a water slide can be a source of entertainment and a relief from the hot summer weather. It can enhance your overall summer experience.

Adult and children will enjoy sliding and cooling off after eating, in the afternoon, and early evening. It can be used anytime during the day and is easy to set up and use. Water slides are safe and made of plastic a material that cushions people using it. They work well on smooth surfaces and sloping hills.

Many of these water slides are portable and can be carried from one location to another. When you set them up it needs air to get it started. It can be deflated and taken to a friend or family’s house. They are easier to care than an in-ground or above the ground pool. Water slides are durable and last a long time because they are made of good material. Water slides do not tear or puncture easily.

More Benefits of Water Slides

Water slides keep those attending your picnic or get together physically active. It gets kids and adults outside moving around. It provides plenty of summer fun and exercise for the whole season. When kids enjoy playing outside they stay out longer and the benefits of regular exercise cannot be denied.

A waters slide reduces boredom during summer parties and every day due to the fact that it is fun way to exercise. It is excellent for parties, barbecues, and picnics. No renting expensive entertainment for guests just inflate connect to a house and enjoy the summer.

Tips to Consider Before Purchasing

Check the durability of the material before purchasing and read reviews how it help up when used. Be sure to check its safety features its important because accident spoil fun. Know the number of kids or adults the water slide is designed for. Some are designed for very young children and others for both adults and children.

Choose features and the style of water slide that meets your needs. Measure your yard to decide how much room have to use a water slide. Remember while it is being used water has to be running constantly. Water slides come in different sizes and shapes but most are simple and easy to assemble making the warm weather enjoyable

Looking for durable materials like gauge vinyl,commercial grade nylon, or PCV. PCV is a good choice for consumers and nylon often is the strongest material. Get a water slide suited to your backyard. When you have a small yard, a simple water slide is better than a large one. Square water slides occupy the least amount of space.

When buying for children buy one designed for the age and weight of the children. You can buy awesome slides here: Inflatable water slides for sale. The manufacturer will specify the height and weight load. They design water slides for older kids and adults. Larger ones come with several slides and chambers for larger yards. Look for a repair kit as part of the package to fix tears or holes.

Water slides are just awesome – just check out some of the youtube videos available to see how much fun they really are:

Gifts For Men : How to find the best gift possible

The Perfect Gift

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with the perfect gift for a man. Whether it is a romantic interest, a father, a brother, a son or a friend, you want to give a gift that has meaning. You want your gift to be special, thoughtful and something that will be cherished and remembered. So, let’s get into .details. Below you will find some unique gifts for men.

The Watch

Most men wear a watch every day. A watch is an excellent gift because there are so many options to choose from. You can choose from stylish, elegant, sporty, casual or futuristic. There are standard face watches, digital, silver or gold and watches with precious gemstone chips on the face. There are watches with alarms, waterproof capabilities, stopwatches and current weather displays and they are available in every price range. Every time the special man in your life checks the time or glances at his wrist you will be in his thoughts.

The Luxurious Robe

Most men enjoy wearing a soft, comfortable robe. They are perfect for relaxing and watching a ballgame or having a cup of coffee in the morning. They are available in velour, cotton, terry cloth and numerous blends. They come in vibrant reds, blues, greens, browns and terrific patterns. When you give a man a robe you give him the ability to wrap himself in warmth, comfort and style.

The Wallet

So many men have a wallet that is absolutely ancient. It is torn, cracked or simply falling apart yet they just don’t get around to replacing it. There is nothing quite like a new, leather wallet. There is practicality since it holds a drivers license, credit cards, cash and favorite pictures. There is style as well since hand tooled wallets make a statement. They are often adorned with animals such as wolves, bears or horses. Some have intricate patterns and others are superb in their simplicity. This is a gift that will be used, appreciated and you can even tuck in a little photo of yourself.

Sports Memorabilia

A lot of men have a favorite sport and a team they will cheer through every game. Whether he enjoys baseball, hockey, football, golf or any of the many sports he will enjoy a piece of memorabilia. The are everything from shot glasses with team logos to football helmet candy dishes. There are t-shirts, sweatshirts, throw blankets, rings, drinking glasses, bobble heads and so much more. You can purchase tickets for an upcoming game you know he wants to see and arrange for his best friends to accompany him. Any sports enthusiast will greet this gift with a big smile.

Grilling Accessories

This is certain to be a hit if your man likes to grill. Give him the tools to get the job done right and have some fun at the same time. There are kits that include all of the basics from a heavy duty spatula with a long handle to easy grip tongs to that perfect barbeque brush. Add a little extra spice and include a bottle of his favorite barbeque sauce or seasoning. This is a great gift for the man who really knows how to cook a burger.


More cool ideas:

Is hemp oil effective against treating and/or preventing cancer?

CBD oil, also commonly referred to as cbd vape juice, is known to have some medical properties that contribute to the health and well being of a person. However, much of these claims are contested and still in the discovery process, including claims that hemp oil can be an effective part of preventing and treating against some of the various forms of cancer. This article will provide some clarity on these claims and attempt to understand the allegations of whether it is an effective treatment and what should be considered in using it.

Hemp oil is derived from marijuana which many people are familiar with in the form of its use as a recreational drug, commonly referred to as pot. However, hemp oil does not have a sufficient amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC to provide a high and is therefore not considered to be psychotropic. Therefore the reasons that people use hemp oil is not related to its high but rather to its health benefits.


Unproven Health Benefits

Many of the health benefits associated with hemp oil are unproven and under current scientific studies to determine how effective they are. However, hemp oil is not thought to have major side effects and is safe for human use. Many different health benefits are typically associated with hemp oil such as treatments for arthritis, pain, insomnia, mental health problems, anxiety and restlessness, and various skin diseases. Hemp oil is even used as a moisturizer and for hair care and many identify it as a panacea for a wide range of health problems. Lately people have been linking hemp oil with cancer prevention and treatment, though much uncertainty exists in this regard.

Hemp Oil as a Cancer Treatment and For Use as a Preventative Measure

A number of scientific studies linking hemp oil to slowing or even halting the growth of cancerous cells have been published. On a lesser manner, using hemp oil is often linked to reducing vomiting and nausea associated with cancer and many of the traditional cancer treatments out there. Hemp oil is often used to treat the pain associated with cancer and to help to manage it. Since hemp oil has been proven to be an effective form of pain management, individuals who use hemp oil to treat pain may be less inclined to use significant amounts of pain medications to treat their pain. Since many of these pain medications have significant side effects the usage of hemp oil to manage pain can result in many health benefits. Hemp oil is known to be most effective when treating neuropathic pain relating to damage nerves in your body, which may be caused by the cancer or the cancer treatments themselves.

Hemp Oil as the Only Treatment for Cancer

Despite the noted benefits linking hemp oil and cancer treatment, it is not a good idea to rely on only these treatments, as traditional methods of chemotherapy and cancer related surgeries are most effective for treating cancer. Still, hemp oil can be a part of an overall cancer prevention and treatment plan for your body.

Find the best deal for your next gadget!

The internet is a powerful business tool that allows millions of users to perform searches and make purchases. The appeal comes from the availability of a wide array of discounted products from a host of retailers. You can find virtually any electronic product online from camcorders and tablets to DVD player and HD TV. Consumers who buy online also have the opportunity to enjoy great incentives such as free shipping offers, gift cards and cyber coupons. The best places to begin your bargain hunt include auction sites, making use of manufacturer rebates and participating in buyback plans.

If you are not in a hurry to buy your dream electronic item, you can wait for Black Monday and Cyber Monday to take advantage of great bargains on offer. Besides discount, Cyber Monday offers shoppers an opportunity to shop from the comfort of their home. The other benefits include access to retail wide discounts and an opportunity to make quick purchases from anywhere. Before making any online purchase, it is important to set your budget, in order to narrow your search and curtail overspending. Below are top bargain tips and resources that will get you the best deals on electronic products:

Find good deals

If you want to go online in search of good deals on the latest Smartphone or other product you have always yearned for, there are sites specially engineered to do the bargain hunt on your behalf. The sites that come quickly into mind include โปรโมชั่น Promotion,,, and offers over 1 million products including electronic items from over 2,000 online retailers. also offers deals on a wide range of products that posted on a daily basis. If you have time, you can visit the site’s forum to check reviews and discussions posted by various users.

Look for lowest prices

Keen electronic product shoppers looking for the lowest priced electronics can glance at product comparisons on huge retail product portals like Google Shopping and When you conduct a search on any of these sites you get a list of retailers offering the items you have requested. The comprehensive list also includes product prices, seller information, shipping cost and ratings.

Use cyber coupons to shop

Using coupon codes to shop online can get you a huge discount on various electronics. There are several coupon sites which regularly post exclusive online coupons from partnering retailers. The sites include which offers more than 500,000 offers derived from 50,000 plus brands and retailers. Another site,, offers consumers a dedicated app with a great selection of online promo codes and printable coupons that promise huge bargains on various electronic products.

Checkout free shipping and gift card deals

Offers of free shipping can greatly easily entice a consumer to buy an electronic product online. A site like offers free shipping coupons for over 3,500 merchants including names like Target and Best Buy. You can also save money on your online purchases using value conscious gift card deals. A number of companies such as Gift Card Granny offer merchant gift card to consumers at discounts of up to 80%.

How to simplify a move to a different country with a removals service

How to simplify a move to a different country with a removals service

Moving abroad is awesome, right? Everyone should try to live abroad at least once in their lifetime.

Having said that, if you are going to be moving to a new country, do not arrange to do the moving yourself. Instead, hire a removals service, like removals to France, as they can often do it for you cheaper, with less stress and at a much faster pace.

How to find a good removals service — The easiest way to find a reliable removals service is to read reviews of the ones in your area before choosing one. After all, you do not want to hire a removals service that has a horrible reputation, as you could end up worse off than if you had done the move yourself.

Get many free quotes — Your next step should be to ask for a free quote from any removals service you are interested in hiring.

Be sure to give them various options as far as how much you will be moving and what your move dates are, as both of these things can drastically change the amount you will have to spend.

Once you have a few quotes, compare what each company is offering carefully, and choose several that you think may work for you. It is now up to you to find a company out of that list that can do your international move on the day you need them to.

Insurance is included — Another reason using an international removals service is such a good idea is because insurance on all your belongings is included in the cost.

That means you do not have to worry about going out and trying to find your own insurance, which can be expensive, as it is all taken care of for you by them. Just be sure you give the removals service an accurate estimate of how much all of your belongings are worth, as that is what your insurance will be based on.

Driving across a continent is not fun — You will love having a removals service doing the move for you, as driving across a continent is not fun. Not if you are driving a large van full of your belongings, and are also on a deadline.

Make sure you find out, though, what your options are as far as the move itself. Do they mind if you follow the moving van to your destination? Can they also tow your car with them if you decide to fly?

Making arrangements for your move — To simplify your move even more, be sure you are precise about making the arrangements for the move, and also that you do it at a mutually convenient time. That way you will not be stressed when the movers arrive, and they will be able to do their job the way they always do — professionally and on time.

What to expect when you arrive at your new home — When the van arrives at your new home, your boxes will be unloaded from the truck and you will be left to unpack.

It is then up to you to check the contents of all the boxes, just to be sure everything arrived in one piece.

CBD for Epilepsy

Finding the right course of treatment for epilepsy becomes an overwhelming task for those that must endure this terrible disease, and for those that support the people suffering from this malady. There are multiple types of epilepsy, but the most noted is the one that produces the most extreme visible effects which is the grand mal seizure. However, there are many types of epilepsy, and many do not present such a notable symptom, but are just as possible deadly as those more physical types of epilepsy. However, it is the acquisition of an appropriate treatment that confounds most people that have to deal with this disease, and this is especially true for caregivers, family and the patient themselves. Death from this issue is rare, but every time someone with epilepsy has an episode, this a possibility.




So, imagine what those that suffers through dozens of seizures a day feels, or even those that have periodic events? The need for a cure should encompass all possibilities, pharmacological and otherwise, but this is not the case, and politics plays a large part in which treatments are made available to patients. This means that there are some very dangerous drugs that have passed all relevant tests even though they are dangerous to patients, and there are some treatments that are very effective that have not even been tested at all. Additionally, the deadly drugs are completely legal, but the safe drugs are not, and this is the case with the very effective and safe epilepsy treatment which is the administering of CBD in some form, but especially in oil form or as cbd capsules.




This is a derivative of marijuana and more specifically, the hemp plant. Some critics claim that getting a child high does not solve problems, but CBD does not produce the psychoactive side effects of THC. THC is the component in marijuana that gives people that use it that high feeling, but strains that produce CBD are naturally very low in THC if any exists in these strains at all. Therefore, people that utilize this life saving oil are not experiencing the negative or positive effects of the psychoactive component of marijuana, but the corrective effects of the non psychoactive CBD. However, the laws in states are changing, and this means that federal law will eventually have to follow.

However, many may ask if all of the controversy surrounding its use is warranted, but the evidence suggests that this is so effective at treating epilepsy that it cannot be ignored. Many patients report a cessation of their most worrisome symptoms. Furthermore, some have even reported that their epilepsy has been cured altogether, but because it is still against federal law, no relevant studies have been performed to determine why this particular element is so helpful in the treatment of epilepsy.

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