Feeding Your Dog Raw Food: How It Benefits You Both

With the rise of canned dog food and dry kibble, we’re seeing a rise in canine health issues, from digestive problems to allergies and even cancers. Most of these health issues can be attributed to a dog’s diet. Today’s processed dog foods are often laden with hard-to-digest grains and preservatives. These store-bought dog foods do not provide our canine companions with the optimal nutrition they need to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Raw diets provide dogs with more nutrients.

It’s a documented fact that man’s best friend descended from wolves. Despite slight differences in appearance and behavior, both wolves and domesticated dogs are carnivorous creatures. In the wild, a wolf’s diet consists of deer, moose, and smaller mammals including squirrels and other rodents. If food sources are scarce, they may even consume birds and reptiles. In some situations, dogs will supplement their diets with green vegetation when needed — and dogs instinctively know what their bodies need.

You may notice your dog out back eating grass, chewing on your things, or even digging in the yard. In some cases, these are not simply behavioral problems but could also be a sign of a nutrient deficiency. Dogs eating grass may be trying to get nutrients that they’re lacking in their everyday diet. The same goes with chewing and digging — your dog could be seeking out minerals and nutrients.

Naturally, when it comes to feeding our furry friends, it only makes sense to feed them the diet that their bodies were designed to consume.

Raw fed dogs have less health issues.

It’s interesting to note that processed dog food wasn’t even a thing until 1860. Prior to that, dogs were often fed raw meat, raw bones, and table scraps. While roaming the fields, they would eat whatever they could catch or scavenge. There is a saying, “…as fit as a butcher’s dog.” This saying is in reference to the healthy, fit dogs of butchers. Why do you think these dogs were so fit and healthy? It’s simple — it was because they were eating raw meat and raw bones, just as a canine body is designed to do.

When processed foods were introduced, the world of dog ownership changed. Today, most canines eat from a can or a bag. As a result, we’re seeing more health issues including, but not limited to:

  • Food intolerance
  • Allergies
  • Skin issues
  • Obesity
  • Cancers
  • Dental issues

These health issues in canines can be reduced by feeding a raw diet. Many dog owners have noticed that their furry friend begins to sport a shinier coat, experiences less itchiness, and a becomes more active after switching to a raw canine diet.

Feeding raw is cost effective.

Many dog owners scoff at the thought of feeding raw because they believe it’s “too expensive.” It may seem that way at first when only considering food costs, but when you factor in vet bills, you’ll quickly see how cost-effective it is. Vet bills can range anywhere from $100 for an office visit up to thousands of dollars for scans and tests. By switching your dog to raw, you’ll likely cut your vet bill in half — if not more.

Not to mention, there are ways to cut your raw dog food budget by purchasing in bulk, or by getting deals at your local butcher. There are even raw feeding groups online where people purchase raw food in large groups at a steep discount.

The greatest benefit of feeding your dog a raw diet is knowing that you are providing him with the diet nature intended. Raw diets ensure that your canine companion has everything that he needs to live a long, happy life with less health issues than dogs that are fed processed diets. Needless to say, the advantages of feeding a dog raw are absolutely worth it.

There are many users on youtube that stepped over to the raw food diet for their dogs, e.g.

Shopping Online without Breaking the Bank

Online shopping has become the most popular way of getting products that you want easily. Online shopping can be addictive and tempting and you could spend too much money on a range of products. The good news is that there are ways to shop online carefully and save a lot of money


You can save money while shopping online by adding products to the cart. You don’t have to check out and pay after adding to cart. Just leave the products in the cart and you will be informed by the portal as soon as the price of the products drops. Some portals may send you a discount coupon to use when they see items in your cart.

Coupon Site

Discount coupons are available for online shoppers as well as real-time shoppers. There are sites, for instance كود خصم نون, offering cash-back offers, discount coupons and promo codes that you can use to save money while shopping online.


E-bates is a referral company that has partnerships with most major online shopping portals. When E-bates refers a customer, the portal pays a sum to E-bates and E-bates sends a portion of the sum to the customer. You can save by getting a cash-back from E-bates.

Returned Items

Some shopping sites sell returned items at discounted prices. These returned items usually have minor damage and are in a new or like-new condition. You can buy high-end brands at discounted rates by looking for returned items on online shopping portals.

Coupons during Sales

Save all the coupons you get by mail and use them during sales. You can get a highly-priced product at a lower cost by using the coupon when the item is put on sale by the online portal. Online portals frequently hold sales so you can use the coupon before it expires.

Out of Season

Shopping online for out of season products can save you a lot of money. Online portals will need to list new products including clothes for summer during summer. If you shop for winter clothes in summer, you are likely to get high-end brands at marked down prices.

Compare on Google

Google’s shopping tab is a useful tool that helps you save money when you shop online. If you enter the name of the product you want, you get a list of portals that list the item and the prices. You can buy the item on the portal that has the lowest price.

Loyalty Points

Online shopping portals have loyalty clubs or allow you to add loyalty points. Take advantage of these offers and redeem your loyalty points when making large purchases. This is a method of getting good discounts while shopping online.


Shopping online is enjoyable because it is comfortable and convenient. By taking advantage of discounts and other cost-saving options offered by internet shopping portals, you can enjoy shopping online at affordable prices.

Payday Loans: Understand Your Emergency Financial Options

Unexpected financial emergencies will emerge at some point. In those times, it is important to have a backup plan or a cushion to regain stability. If you don’t have the money, luckily there are quick loans for desperate money situations called payday loans. Payday loans are short-term cash advances that are loaned by companies based on the borrower’s next payday. That check is either held for later deposit or the loan company is allowed access to the borrower’s checking account for repayment.


How Payday Loans Work


When the loan company agrees to approve the payday loan, a personal check is written for the borrowed amount plus the finance charge and the cash is given to the borrower upfront. The lender will hold the check until the borrower’s next payday. Keep in mind, the loan must be paid as a lump sum unless there is a repay installment plan established during the approval process, and the payments will be deducted from the borrower’s checking account. Without an installment agreement, the repayment timeline is typically two weeks. The borrower has the option to either pay with cash to get the personal check back, allow the check to be deposited, or pay the finance fee first and the repayment will roll over to the next pay period. The average annual interest rate of 400% and shorter loans can have even higher rates depending on if there is a state cap.


Qualifications for a Payday Loan


To qualify, borrowers must have an active checking account in good standing with steady income flow. The borrower also must present identification. While lenders will not perform a full credit check on the borrower for approval, be mindful that the lender does not lend based on ability to repay, meaning that the loan will be repaid, even if the result for the borrower is deeper debt. Because of this arrangement, at least 20% of the borrowers do end up defaulting on their loans which is higher online at a 50% default rate.


Borrowers must be 18 years old and must prove three months of employment at one job. The borrower also must have a bank account that is eligible for cash advances.


How to Apply


Online applications are available 24/7. Once information is verified by the lender, the loaner either receives access to the borrower’s bank account information or an employer is notified to confirm a steady flow of income prior to approval. Once approved, the loaner will transfer the funds according to bank clearance protocol. Remember, this is an emergency loan option, so be sure to weigh options prior to applying for a payday loan. Discuss payment options with the lending company and get upfront information since companies usually practice transparency on upcoming costs. Seek consultation on best payday loan repayment methods for this emergency financial option.

If you are in need of a loan, check out quickest way to get a loan if you live in New Zealand.

Why You Should Take Private Driving Lessons

Why You Should Take Private Driving Lessons

In a society where driving has become essential to everyday life, most people can’t wait to begin taking drivers ed at their high school once they turn 16. The problem with these classes is that, unlike private lessons, they aren’t always able to teach students everything that they need to know.

In drivers ed, students are required to take their lessons on a schedule specified by their teacher. This can be a problem if the student’s schedule doesn’t line up because the teacher can’t change the time of the lesson. This means that the best chance the student has is to switch schedules with a different student, if they can find someone who can switch. During these lessons, their are normally up to four students total in the one vehicle, each needing to take turns at the steering wheel, which shortens the amount of time for an individual student to drive. More times than not, these other students can also become an unnecessary distraction if the driver feels uncomfortable learning in front of others. Another problem with drivers ed are the teachers. These teachers normally only have the time to teach students the bare minimum. This normally means that students will get very little, or no, experience driving on highways, and will most likely keep to roads with very little traffic. As a result, students may not be as ready for an actual road test as the teacher believes, and even if they pass their road test, they might not be ready to safely drive on a busy road.

While private lessons may be more expensive than a regular drivers ed class, normally being between $50-$80, these lessons normally prepare students a lot better for driving on public roads. Unlike in high school drivers ed class, private lessons are, exactly as the name implies, private. Students will be able to practice driving without an audience of their peers watching them. This means that their will be more time for the teacher to give their full attention to individual students. In addition to the lessons being more private, each lesson is scheduled around the student’s routine, rather than being set on specific days that the student is required to work around. Unlike in drivers ed, lessons aren’t just aimed at helping the student pass their road test, but are also meant to help students learn to drive safely under common conditions. This means that they provide the student with situations that everyday drivers have to deal with; this includes crossing busy intersections, driving on highways, and changing lanes. Another awesome aspect of a private instructor is that you can also take refresher driving lessons, if you already have a license and just want to update your skills. Never a bad idea!

The instructors for most drivers ed classes normally have very little experience with the actual road test, but a private instructor will normally accompany their student to the test. This means that, unlike with drivers ed, the student will be able to take their road test in a car that they have been made comfortable with over the course of their lessons. This will help to improve the student’s chances of being able to pass the test.

And to end the article, we will leave you with some awesome tips we found on Youtube:


Looking at the benefits and disadvantages of epoxy flooring

There are millions of homeowners every year that end up making the decisions to remodel their homes. Some homeowners don’t fully remodel their homes and only make small repairs and replacements to improve their homes. Many homeowners are willing to spend a significant amount of money to improving their overall living conditions. For example, there are homeowners who repair or replace their air conditioners, heating systems, windows, doors, walls, garages and their flooring. When you are deciding on whether or not you want to make some repairs in your home, you want to try to take time to think about several things that will affect you and your family members. For example, you first want to think about the budget you have to make your necessary repairs in your home. Based on the budget you have, you will be very restricted or you will have much more flexibility in the type of repairs you are going to make. The larger the budget you have, the more you have to work with. The smaller budget you have, the less you have to work with. If you are thinking about repairing your flooring, you want to consider your lifestyle, your budget and the type of appearance you were trying to achieve.

If you were considering repairing your floors, you want to first think about several things. The first thing you want to think about is a type of lifestyle that you and your family have. Based on how you and your family live, your daily activities and the risks that you will take with your floors, you need to make a decision based on these many factors. If you have a large family and you continuously experienced many family members dropping things on the floor, this may mean that you may need to opt for a floor that is very sturdy and durable. There are many different types of floors, like the epoxy flooring. The epoxy floors are very popular in many families who have large homes that are looking for more of a durable product. Epoxy floors are very common in many households because they offer you more flexibility in designing your floors. If you were someone who is not too basic and wants a lot of color, shine and design in your flooring, this may be the flooring for you. The epoxy floors are extremely flawless and bright. They also give up a very waxy, shiny type of appearance. Many families can appreciate epoxy floors because they are extremely durable against many fluids, chemicals, heat and water. Therefore, if you are looking for more durability, epoxy floors maybe something that you and your family might love.

There are also many disadvantages to epoxy floors that you may want to think about before considering getting this type of flooring. For example, some of the few disadvantages to getting epoxy flooring is that they tend to develop chipping and cracking over time. Like any other type of flooring, you may have to consider performing routine maintenance on your floors to prevent more chipping from taking place. You will have to place a new coat of epoxy from time to time to maintain your flooring from more chipping. In addition, you have to be careful with dropping heavy materials on the floor to prevent your floors from cracking.

Before making a decision it is a good idea to speak to a professional company like epoxy floors Austin to help you decide whether epoxy floors are the right choice for your home.

Why hiring a garage door repair service is always the best idea

If your garage door has been damaged, and you are thinking about fixing it yourself, think again.

Not only does it make sense to hire a garage door repair service to do the job, there are many reasons why this is always the best idea.

The safety issue — Many amateur handymen do not think about the safety of doing repair jobs they are not trained to do. Repairing a garage door by yourself, however, can be quite dangerous. Especially as these types of doors are heavy and can easily fall, trap a finger or even break a limb.

If you are not trained to do garage door repair yourself, it makes no sense to try when a repair service can do it for you much more safely.

The cost issue — With many garage door repair companies in most areas of the United States, it is very easy to find a company that is affordable.

The best way to do this is to get online, look at a number of companies’ websites, and then ask for free quotes from the ones you like the most. Once you get quotes, you can get an idea about the going rate for garage door repair, and then choose one of the cheaper companies.

The time issue — A garage door is a security problem as, if it does not close properly, it can easily allow someone to break into your home. Especially if you are not there all day to stop them.

Call a garage door repair service, however, and they can often send out a technician to fix your door on the same day you call. That means your door repair will not have to wait a week or more, until you can find time to fix it.

Bad repairs need doing again — If you are not properly trained to repair garage doors, the repair job you do is not likely to be a particularly good one.

That means, not only will you be able to tell that the job was done by an amateur, but it is much more likely it will break again and need repairing again.

Hire a garage door repair service, however, and the job will be done right the first time, and by a professional repair person.

A good guarantee — If you fix your door, you have no guarantee that it will not break down again. When it does, you will need to repair it again, spending even more money on the repair.

Hire a garage door repair service, like garage door repair lincoln ne, however, and you will have a guarantee that, if the door breaks in the same way again, they will come back to fix it for free. Thus, not costing you another fee for repairs.

It makes more sense to hire a garage door repair service company than it does to try to do the job by yourself. Not only will it be faster and easier, it will also be safer and, in many respects, more affordable.

CBD for Epilepsy

Finding the right course of treatment for epilepsy becomes an overwhelming task for those that must endure this terrible disease, and for those that support the people suffering from this malady. There are multiple types of epilepsy, but the most noted is the one that produces the most extreme visible effects which is the grand mal seizure. However, there are many types of epilepsy, and many do not present such a notable symptom, but are just as possible deadly as those more physical types of epilepsy. However, it is the acquisition of an appropriate treatment that confounds most people that have to deal with this disease, and this is especially true for caregivers, family and the patient themselves. Death from this issue is rare, but every time someone with epilepsy has an episode, this a possibility.




So, imagine what those that suffers through dozens of seizures a day feels, or even those that have periodic events? The need for a cure should encompass all possibilities, pharmacological and otherwise, but this is not the case, and politics plays a large part in which treatments are made available to patients. This means that there are some very dangerous drugs that have passed all relevant tests even though they are dangerous to patients, and there are some treatments that are very effective that have not even been tested at all. Additionally, the deadly drugs are completely legal, but the safe drugs are not, and this is the case with the very effective and safe epilepsy treatment which is the administering of CBD in some form, but especially in oil form or as cbd capsules.




This is a derivative of marijuana and more specifically, the hemp plant. Some critics claim that getting a child high does not solve problems, but CBD does not produce the psychoactive side effects of THC. THC is the component in marijuana that gives people that use it that high feeling, but strains that produce CBD are naturally very low in THC if any exists in these strains at all. Therefore, people that utilize this life saving oil are not experiencing the negative or positive effects of the psychoactive component of marijuana, but the corrective effects of the non psychoactive CBD. However, the laws in states are changing, and this means that federal law will eventually have to follow.

However, many may ask if all of the controversy surrounding its use is warranted, but the evidence suggests that this is so effective at treating epilepsy that it cannot be ignored. Many patients report a cessation of their most worrisome symptoms. Furthermore, some have even reported that their epilepsy has been cured altogether, but because it is still against federal law, no relevant studies have been performed to determine why this particular element is so helpful in the treatment of epilepsy.

Lose Weight Fast – Celebrity Style

If you’ll look at the different celebrity weight loss regimens, you will notice how drastic they lose the weight they need to lose to prepare for a role. Though you may argue that they also have professional fitness coaches that guide them on how they should conduct their workouts, a large part of their successful weight loss came from the kitchen. If you plan to mimic their weight loss regimen, here are some tips that can help speed up your weight loss.

Always keep yourself hydrated with water

A lot of people eat not because they are hungry, but because they are thirsty. It is important that you consider drinking not only 8 glasses of water every day in order to stay hydrated. This will help fight cravings that you are going to have in the middle of the night.

Maintain a high fiber diet

Next, always make sure that you eat a high fiber diet in order to speed up your metabolism. This can also help get rid of wastes in your body keeping your circulatory system healthy. Examples of high fiber food are vegetables and fruits.

Take lean meat

If you are going to eat, always make sure that you include lean meat. Lean meat can be in form of chicken or beef. But of course, you also have to know just how much meat you are supposed to take. If you want to build muscle mass, it is imperative that you take a lot of meat. This will build muscle and therefore increase your overall metabolic rate in the process.

Small frequent meals

Another practice that is being done in celebrity diets is that you never binge. Instead, you will be eating small portions every now and then. Why is this the case? This allows the body to fully digest your meals, not to mention it reduces the amount of body fat that your body stores. It is due to the fact that the body is signaled that it is being fed regularly, thus there is no need to store fats.

Change how you cook your meals

Are you the type who is always frying foods? If so, then maybe you should already start the process how you prepare your meals. It is important that you either bake or just steam your meals as much as possible. You will be surprised by the amount of body fat that you are going to lose just by doing this.

There are a lot of recipes that you can see online. If you can learn a thing or two from healthy ways on how to cook, you should apply it even to just one meal.

Count the calories

Yes, you will be counting the calories as you eat. Anything that is excessive will not be good for you. However, you have to keep track of your activities as well, for instance with fitness watches (you may want to check out reviews on the best fitness watches and gps trackers). If you want to follow the celebrity regimen, you will need to do some workouts. This means that you will also have to prepare pre and post workout meals to make sure that you get maximum results of what you do.

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