Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites around. Millions of people interact with friends and businesses via photos on the platform. It’s also private when the user sets their account for only specific viewers to see.

Maybe you are not happy with the private account and want to see what’s going on behind closed doors. You may think doing so is impossible, but with this cool tool, you can get the information that you want.

It’s not a scam -you won’t even need to enter personal information or download anything. Using the tool is easy and it works for almost all accounts. Anyone with an interest in viewing a private Instagram account can use this tool as often as they wish.

Reasons to use InstagramViewer

People have many legitimate reasons to view a private Instagram account. Those reasons include but are not limited to:

– Find out if a spouse is cheating

– Find out if an employee is playing hookey from work

– Legal purposes/Prove your case

No matter why you want to find out what’s behind the lock sign, you can do so without downloading anything to your device. In seconds, you’ll have your eyes on the prize -that private Instagram account.

Use the tool as many times as you want and on as many different accounts as necessary. There is no limit so you always have access to the information that you want and need.

How Does it Work?

The viewer is so easy to use. Just enter the user name or URL of the account you want to view. Next, hit the “View profile” tab. That’s it. There is no download necessary and with the tool, you have access to awesome features like:

  • View private photos
  • Browse media
  • Export media in a .zip file
  • Recover old messages
  • No need to log into your personal Instagram account
  • Undetectable, safe proxy support

Instagram Viewer Now Available

The private Instagram viewer can make life a little less stressful when you need access to private social media information. This tool quickly divulges information that you could not see without the tool in use. Best of all, it works without the need for any downloads to your device so you can trust that it is safe and secure. Do not wonder what you can’t see any longer and use this tool to your benefit. Thousands of people have used the tool and appreciate the information that it gave to them. Why not join those people and use the Instagram viewer tool yourself?