Love dolls or 성인용품, like they are commonly called, are unique types of anthropomorphic toys used for sexual pleasure. This sex toy has the shape and size of a human. Love dolls may be just the head, pelvis, other body parts, or the whole body frame. To increase sexual sensation, a vibration mechanism may be embedded in the doll. But what are these dolls made of?

Let us find out.


Silicone love dolls are dolls made from silicone. These types of dolls have an ultrathin cure and extra platinum technology in some cases. Silicone became a popular material about a decade ago for a few reasons. Firstly, users reported that they found the material to be very lubricating. And compatible with most sex lubricants. Secondly, the malleable features of silicone make it easy for manufacturers to create sexually attractive dolls.

Thirdly and more importantly for some users, silicone has no smell, unlike other materials like plastic and latex.


Elastomer is a special type of TPE plastic with a soft feel. As a result, elastomer dolls look very life-like and feel like human skin. In addition, many manufacturers embed platinum cure silicones into their elastomeric dolls to give users more stimulation benefits.



Foam dolls are gradually gaining popularity among buyers in reaction to the low durability of inflatable tube dolls. Foams are more durable but not as heavy as ABS plastic. Their lightweight makes them a perfect bedroom companion, and they also have a life-like look.


Latex was popularized by condom manufacturers, and this material seems to be making a comeback. Today, there are latex dolls with smooth finishes and inflatable features. The good thing about latex is that it is lubricant compatible, but it is vulnerable to wear and tear, so you have to be mindful of how you use it to prolong its lifespan.


Jelly Rubber

Jelly rubber is a cheap and flexible version of ABS rubber. This material was widely used in the past because it could be shaped and painted into any color. However, you will find only very few of them on sale today because they are not as safe as other materials and have an odor many are uncomfortable with. So these days, Jelly rubbers are going out of fashion.


The thought of using glass as a love doll material may seem scary because of the potential for injuries; however, glass can be a practical material. First, many glass dolls have rubber or other materials in the vaginal area and are not wholly made of glass. Secondly, glass is very durable and compatible with most lubricants. But users will have to sterilize the glass doll before use.

ABS Plastic

ABS Plastic is another common material you will find with many sex dolls today. ABS plastic is durable and compatible with several water and tube-based lubricants. While they cost more than latex and jelly rubber dolls, ABS plastic dolls are more durable and long-lasting.