If you are young, in debt or having trouble paying for things like college tuition, someone may have told you that you should become a sugar baby.

What is a sugar baby, what are the benefits of being one and is it something the average man or woman should become?

What is a sugar baby? — It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, if you are in your 20s or early 30s, you could become one.

A sugar baby is someone who agrees to provide companionship and sometimes sexual favors to a man or woman who is usually older in exchange for gifts, trips and even college tuition.

Most of the men or women involved in the relationship are older, and they are often people who are either too busy to be in a serious relationship or simply not interested in being in one.

A sugar baby will go with them to events, to dinners with friends, on business trips and even to family occasions. In exchange, she or he receives nice meals, clothing, jewelry, holidays and sometimes has the cost of an entire college degree paid.

The latter is why becoming a sugar baby is so popular with younger Americans nowadays. Americans who want to be able to get a college degree but cannot always afford to take on a huge school loan with high interest rates.

Are there benefits other than financial? — It is not just for financial reasons why some people get into a sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship.

Sometimes it also includes a mentor relationship. For someone who is still young and interested in learning about business, for instance, having a relationship with a sugar daddy can often allow them access to business situations they may not otherwise ever get.

Is there a stigma attached to being a sugar baby? — When many people hear the term sugar baby, they automatically thing of someone being paid for sex.

In many cases, this is not true as the person who decides to become a sugar baby sets his or her limits right from the beginning.

These limits can include only going out for dinner, to special events, being a companion for a business trip and all of this in exchange for money to pay school fees.

Some people also have two or three sugar daddies, none of which they are particularly invested in other than an occasional dinner or business trip. This way they are able to keep their independence, and to set the rules even more.

Should you become a sugar baby? — That decision is obviously up to you.

Being a sugar baby does come with many benefits, especially financial ones. If you are struggling paying bills, cannot make the money you need with a regular job and need help, then becoming a sugar baby could be an option for you.

Just make sure you know what type of relationship you will accept, and what you will not. That way you will never end up in a situation that you did not ask for and did not expect.

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