If you will be moving out of your rented home in the near future, one of the things you will be dreading is having to clean the place yourself.


Thankfully, if you hate cleaning and if you want to be sure you will get your entire deposit back, one of the things you can do is hire an end of lease cleaning service, for example End of lease cleaning Melbourne. Not only will they do the cleaning for you, but there are many other benefits as well.


What is an end of lease cleaning service? — Just as it sounds, this is a company that comes into your home and cleans it right before you move out.


They charge a set amount per hour or a fixed fee, depending on what you negotiate, and then they clean your entire home from top to bottom.


How much does a typical end of lease cleaning cost? — It depends on how large your former home is but, in most cases, a typical end of lease cleaning service will charge around $15 to $20 per hour per person.


As several people come to your home to clean it at once, that usually means the entire team can finish the cleaning within four to five hours.


For a small apartment, that would be less, and would probably cost you $200 or less. For a larger home, it would take longer, but a typical cost for that type of end of lease cleaning is around $350 to $450.


If you have given your landlord a large deposit, that is a small amount to pay to ensure you get it all returned to you.


What does the service clean? — A typical end of lease cleaning service will clean your home from top to bottom.


They will clean floors, walls, window sills and windows. They will clean your kitchen counters, the electrical appliances, and any gas appliances you may have as well. They will even scrub your bathroom and kitchen so much, by the time they have finished both rooms will look like they are almost new.


They will also clean light fixtures and fittings so, if you have several years worth of dead insects lodged in them, they will remove those for you as well.


Why hire an end of lease cleaning service? — One of the main reasons most homeowners hire an end of lease cleaning service is because they are experienced in knowing what a typical landlord looks for when he inspects your home after you move out.


They scrub and clean things you may not even think of looking at let alone cleaning, and they make sure all those hidden nooks and crannies are clean as well.


For a few hundred dollars, you will end up with a former home that looks far cleaner than it ever did when you lived in it. You will also have a much bigger chance of getting your entire deposit back when your landlord sees how nice it now looks.


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