Women’s fashion is a very fluctuant territory. What’s trending today may not be a tendency tomorrow. This statement becomes especially true when it comes to designer handbags.

Designer handbags are stylish and functional. They’re universal, as all types of women use them, no matter what their style is. You can find diverse options in the market for all occasions. Plus, their compact but spacious design allows every woman and girl out there to bring their essentials, like their phone, money, makeup or anything else, in the same place comfortably, allowing them easy access in the process.

However, all handbags share such functionality, and now they have become more of a fashion statement than anything else. Today we’ll describe the different women’s designer handbag trends that you’ll see in 2022 if you’d like to stay current with the latest tendencies.

1.    Logos

Many people don’t like logos, while others like to let people know where their bags came from. If that’s your case, you’ll be glad to hear that visible logos in handbags have become one of the most common trends in 2022. Repeated monograms or lettering are some common options.

2.    Slouch style

Next up, slouch-style handbags have become quite popular this year. While it had already been present in previous collections, brands like Gucci or Loewe have “updated” the traditional design and made it current with the modern era. Figures like Kate Moss have been seen wearing this style of handbag quite frequently since 2022 started.

3.    Ruche

If you like squidgy bags, then you can be sure that the upcoming months are the perfect time to wear one. You have different styles to choose from, including pleated and puffed. We’ve seen this style of กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง since late 2021, and it has stuck with us in 2022. Handbags in this style were first seen in 1980. It makes sense that we’re bringing back a trend from the 80s decade, considering that it has been a trend in the cinematographic and music industries.

4.    Stitches

Small details can make a huge difference in any artwork, fashion or accessory trend. This year, we’ve seen how people have started to bring this traditional method back. If possible, you can add “contrast” to your stitch-style handbag to accentuate its effect on your outfit.

5.    Sustainability

Most people are looking for alternate ways of wearing fashionable clothes and accessories. Given the planet’s current state, it makes sense that many people are looking forward to reducing the environmental impact of their actions. Hence, many individuals are looking forward to wearing and purchasing handbags from companies that follow ethical and sustainable procedures.


Most women are looking forward to staying current with the latest trends in the fashion world. However, this world tends to be quite fluctuant, so what we listed in this article may not be trending in a few months. Hence, we advise you to stay tuned for more news about what’s new and what’s old in the fashion industry!