Why You Should Take Private Driving Lessons

In a society where driving has become essential to everyday life, most people can’t wait to begin taking drivers ed at their high school once they turn 16. The problem with these classes is that, unlike private lessons, they aren’t always able to teach students everything that they need to know.

In drivers ed, students are required to take their lessons on a schedule specified by their teacher. This can be a problem if the student’s schedule doesn’t line up because the teacher can’t change the time of the lesson. This means that the best chance the student has is to switch schedules with a different student, if they can find someone who can switch. During these lessons, their are normally up to four students total in the one vehicle, each needing to take turns at the steering wheel, which shortens the amount of time for an individual student to drive. More times than not, these other students can also become an unnecessary distraction if the driver feels uncomfortable learning in front of others. Another problem with drivers ed are the teachers. These teachers normally only have the time to teach students the bare minimum. This normally means that students will get very little, or no, experience driving on highways, and will most likely keep to roads with very little traffic. As a result, students may not be as ready for an actual road test as the teacher believes, and even if they pass their road test, they might not be ready to safely drive on a busy road.

While private lessons may be more expensive than a regular drivers ed class, normally being between $50-$80, these lessons normally prepare students a lot better for driving on public roads. Unlike in high school drivers ed class, private lessons are, exactly as the name implies, private. Students will be able to practice driving without an audience of their peers watching them. This means that their will be more time for the teacher to give their full attention to individual students. In addition to the lessons being more private, each lesson is scheduled around the student’s routine, rather than being set on specific days that the student is required to work around. Unlike in drivers ed, lessons aren’t just aimed at helping the student pass their road test, but are also meant to help students learn to drive safely under common conditions. This means that they provide the student with situations that everyday drivers have to deal with; this includes crossing busy intersections, driving on highways, and changing lanes. Another awesome aspect of a private instructor is that you can also take refresher driving lessons, if you already have a license and just want to update your skills. Never a bad idea!

The instructors for most drivers ed classes normally have very little experience with the actual road test, but a private instructor will normally accompany their student to the test. This means that, unlike with drivers ed, the student will be able to take their road test in a car that they have been made comfortable with over the course of their lessons. This will help to improve the student’s chances of being able to pass the test.

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