Many young women all over the world opt to get a breast augmentation in order to achieve their ideal image of what beauty is. Unfortunately, society has already set the tone for what size breast a woman should be in order to appear attractive in many eyes of others. There are also many people who have yet to do any research regarding breast augmentations. Many women have a misconception of breast augmentations and immediately would have rushed to getting one if they had the resources and finances to do so. The only thing that they think about is achieving their ultimate goal of having a more fuller and larger set of breasts. Although there are many benefits to receiving a breast augmentation, it is critical that women take the time to think about all of the risks and benefits before proceeding. There are several critical facts that every woman must know before making the decision to get a breast augmentation.


One of the most important things to know before getting a breast augmentation is that the first time you have your breast done, may not be your last breath surgery that you will have to get in your life. Breast implants are not made to last more than 10 years approximately. In addition, there are many things that can happen before the 10 years, such as breast implant rupture and or significant scar tissue that forms around the breast implant disrupting the implant. Another important fact to consider before a breast augmentation is whether or not you have the time and support for recovery. You will need approximately 1 to 2 weeks to recover from your breast augmentation before considering going back to work. You also will need the assistance of either a family or friend to help you with your normal routine. If you have children at home, you will need a caregiver for your children, as you will not be able to lift or move anything heavy and that also includes manual labor. You also want to consider the fact that breast implants feel nowhere near as real as your real breast. Breast implants tend to feel a lot more firm and artificial than a woman’s real breast.


Realistic expectations is also something very important to think about before an augmentation. If you have very small breasts and expect to become extremely huge such as a DD cup, you will be completely disappointed. Many plastic surgeons will not perform procedures that will include such a drastic change so fast, as this may put your health at risk. Breast implant procedures (info can be found on Breast Implants NJ) can also reduce the amount of sensation in your nipples and could even completely cause your nipples to become numb permanently. One of the last the most important facts to understand before you decide to get a breast augmentation is that you could possibly lose the ability to perform one of motherhood’s greatest achievements, breastfeeding. Depending on the incision that is made, breast implants can hinder your ability to provide milk to your newborn child by causing damage of the minor ducts that supply milk