So your mattress is in dire need of cleaning, and you have made up your mind that doing it yourself is the right way to go about it. However, before you invest in cleaning agents and begin the cleaning process, let us tell you why it may not be such a good idea to attempt the cleaning on your own and hire professional cleaning services instead.

DIY mattress cleaning

Most often, a DIY project does not yield the desired results, and in the case of mattress cleaning, it could instead create new problems for you. While you may be fixated on the idea of cleaning the mattress yourself and wondering where to start, pause and consider a few pertinent aspects.

What is it that you are after when cleaning the mattress? If you are planning to remove the visible spots or stains only and consider it sufficient, you are not tackling the problem in its entirety. Mattress cleaning goes beyond superficial stains or spots and must include removing all the dust, dirt, and gunk that has amassed on the mattress over time due to our sweat and skin.

Similarly, if you have not cleaned it before, you may not know the exact amount of cleaning agent and water you must use. Too little will not suffice, and too much may become hard to handle. If you do not dry the mattress properly and water settles inside, it will cause a smell and worsen the condition of the mattress.

Moreover, DIY methods may not be effective if you do not use the right cleaning agents or techniques. If you use too many powerful chemicals, they may be harmful to you and cause an unpleasant smell which can ultimately affect your health and quality of sleep.

Professional mattress cleaning

The biggest guaranteed benefit of getting your mattress professionally cleaned is peace of mind. When you entrust a reliable mattress cleaner to take the task of cleaning off your hands, you can sleep peacefully, knowing that your mattress is clean from within. It will also emanate a fresh fragrance while eradicating dust and bacteria from the mattress and will improve the air quality of your room by positively affecting air circulation.

Professional mattress cleaners employ the right techniques, including steam cleaning and heavy-duty vacuuming, which can effectively clean the mattress. They will also use health-friendly chemicals in the correct quantity so that there is no risk to your health.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that professional mattress cleaning is necessary at least once every six months. You can clean your mattress on your own by vacuuming and flipping it every month or so, but make a routine of hiring professional mattress cleaners at least twice or thrice a year, depending on your requirement and extent of usage.


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