A drug clinically known as Docetaxel anhydrous was sold under various brand names including Taxotere and Docefrez. Taxotere has been recently involved in a lawsuit namely related to what are labeled to be several undisclosed side effects to the drug that plaintiffs are alleging will have permanent and harmful effects on their lives. If you are part of the affected class there is some information available on the Taxotere lawsuit which can help you to decide the best course of action for your condition after you realize the side effects.

What is Taxotere and What Illness Did it Treat?

Taxotere is a medication that is most commonly prescribed for treatment for breast cancer. However it is also used to test other forms of cancer such as lung cancer, prostate cancer, and stomach cancer. It is commonly prescribed as part of a chemotherapy treatment and is thought to be one of the more effective medications used to treat these cancers. Taxotere is sold by the Sanofi Aventis U.S. llc. Taxotere is given to patients through an injection into their vein and is not approved for other application methods.

What were the Side Effects of Taxotere?

For most people, the side effects associated with taking Taxotere are reversible and go away after the medication is stopped. The most serious side effect of Taxotere is the permanent loss of hair from the medication. Other side effects include a reduced white blood cells which can reduce your bodies ability to fight off infection, bloating and weight gain, being tired and feeling week, liver problems, general pain, and a variety of inflammation and skin issues. Side effects will fluctuate and some people will experience even more significant side effects that may lead to serious problems.

Status of the Lawsuit Against Sanofi Aventis for Taxotere

Some cancer survivors are currently suing Sanofi Aventis for the side effects associated with taking Taxotere, specifically not being warned that the hair loss side effect can be permanent. In addition, the lawsuit alleged that the marketing practices that Sanofi Aventis used in pushing their product were not fair and that other toxic side effects were not effectively disclosed. Currently, there are over fifteen hundred lawsuits that are ongoing surrounding this drug and discussion of a possible class action lawsuit. New lawsuits are popping up regularly although there have been no solutions to the ongoing lawsuits with the first cases filed going to trial in a couple of years during 2019.

What to Do if you Were Effected by Taxotere

If you were negatively effected by Taxotere you should consider contacting a lawyer who specializes in medical and pharmaceutical matters. If you are hesitant to file yourself to get a taxotere lawsuit settlement, filing a claim or properly documenting your condition with a lawyer can help to prevent your case from being stale and lacking evidence. In addition, the lawyer that you end up contacting can search for class action lawsuits that you can easily find and join or may even make a claim that may be settled with Sanofi Aventis.


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