Minecraft is a global phenomenon, most people who use the internet are familiar with Minecraft and looking at how many players this game seems to report every year. We can predict that over the years, there will be a time when all internet and computer users have played or interacted with the game.

The reason behind the game’s popularity is how adaptable it is. You can find anything built on Minecraft, which has a place for everyone to enjoy.

Part of the reason for Minecraft’s popularity is its Servers. Among which is the survival server, which we will focus on in this article today!

The survival servers are difficult to beat, especially if you are starting. However, you can easily dominate the survival servers with some right tips and tricks. Here is the list of some of the steps:

1.    Build a Base on the Very 1st Day:


In the game Survival Servers, the first thing that players need to do is construct a safe base to defend themselves after night falls and the monsters and players. If players cannot construct a shelter due to a lack of materials, they may take cover by digging a hole in the ground; however, it is recommended that they search for wood and create a more permanent construction instead. Collecting coal to build torches is vital since monsters will not spawn in sufficiently illuminated regions. The first tools available to players are constructed of wood; however, as they go through the game, it will become more vital for them to create more resilient tools. We suggest from day one because after some days have passed, you won’t have the time to build a base like your enemies, which will let you to fall behind.

2.    Only Travel on Land during Daylight:


During the daylight, you should go out and kill animals that may provide you with food (chickens are an obvious target), and you should try to get your hands on a sword of some type if you can (makes animals drop more animals.) If you are the only person on the server, you may create a bed and speed up the process of turning night into day by sleeping on it.

3.    Always Know Where You Are:


If you aren’t acquainted with any of the regions close by in “Minecraft,” you may want to explore the area before you try to flee from where you are currently standing. When playing “Minecraft,” keeping track of your location is essential. You can use a map, a compass, or even the sun and the moon to navigate!