If you have decided this year is the year you refinish your kitchen cabinets, there are several ways you can do so.

In fact, before you decide to just paint them like everyone does, you may want to consider these three awesome ways of refinishing your kitchen cabinets first.

Stripping the paint — While most people strip varnish and then paint their cabinets and drawers, sometimes your kitchen will look much nicer if you strip and re-varnish your cabinets instead.

This is often the case if the base wood of your cabinets is a beautiful quality wood like pine or oak. In these cases, you can often strip the paint of each door and drawer, sand them down to get rid of paint residue and then varnish them.

If you do it correctly, and use a high-quality varnish, your finished kitchen cabinets will often look more expensive than they ever did with paint.

Paint and hand-painted design or stencil — If your home has more of a country look to it, you can often use a mix of paint and hand-painted design or stencil to update your kitchen cabinets.

This is done by first stripping each cabinet, sanding them down and then priming and painting them. Once the paint is dry, you can then either hand-paint or stencil designs both on the outside of cabinet doors and inside as well.

You can choose designs like fruit and vegetables, bottles of wine or olive oil, or anything else that would suit a kitchen. Once the stencil or hand-painted design has dried, you can varnish over it to protect both the design and the painted door.

Cabinet crown molding — If you really want to update your kitchen cabinets at the same time as you are refinishing them, buy cabinet crown molding that matches the style of your kitchen.

You can then strip, prime and paint every cabinet door and drawer, and wait for them to dry. Once everything has dried, the cabinet crown molding can be installed at the top of every ceiling height cabinet.

These crown moldings add a feeling of elegance to any kitchen and will make any kitchen cabinets look like they have been custom made.

Get the help of a professional — No matter what type of kitchen cabinet style you decide to go for, it will benefit you to hire a professional to help. We can recommend the services rendered by cabinet refinishing Calgary, feel free to check out their website to get an idea of their portfolio and expertise.

A professional cabinet painter knows the right paints to use, how to create beautiful designs on kitchen cabinets and how to install crown moldings the right way.

If you want your kitchen to look better than it ever has, finding the right professional to help is key. Start your search on your favorite online search engine.