AR10 vs AR15

If you are looking for a light weight assualt rifle then the AR10 is the way that you should head. This gun is air cooled, operated by gas, and fires 20 rounds of 7.62x51mm cartridges at a time.

An AR15 is a lot like the AR10. It is also powered by gas, light weight and holds a 20 round ammunation magazine. The AR15 fires 5.56×45 mm cartridges. You can also purchase a 30 round magazine for this type of gun.

Benefits Of Owning An AR10 and AR15

There are good and bad things about owning an AR10 and AR15 just like there is with any other gun. Some benefits include:

-these guns are very lightweight which make them super easy to use.

-the ammo that goes into an AR10 is of higher mass which makes it have more power.

-the ammo of the AR15 is lighter which means it will travel a farther distance that that of the AR10.

Which Of These Assualt Rifles Would Be The Better Choice

When it comes to choosing which gun is the better choice a lot of things come into play, but the ammunition is often what becomes the deciding factor. Whether it is the number of rounds the gun will hold, or how powerful the round is the ammunition often decides which gun people choose.

For hunters they often choose guns with a larger caliber such as a 7.62 mm rifle. Hunters would be better with an AR10 because these guns have a longer range. Law enforcement officers also prefer the AR10 because they offer them a better range to shoot within.

People who are looking to protect their homes, fight off rodents, and even doing some small game hunting would be better off with the AR15. The AR15 offers protection with just a single shot because they are more powerful, but have a lesser range.

For a detailed comparison, you can also check out more specialized rifle sites like

Adding Accessories To Your AR

You can do a lot of things to AR10s and AR15s to get them looking pretty cool. You can add buttstocks, change the triggers, add scopes, pistol grips, and change out the magazines for bigger ones or smaller ones. Being able to customize these guns make them even more fun to own. You can have them looking anyway that you want.

AR10s and AR15s are great guns that have many purposes. Whether you are looking for a gun for protection, a gun to hunt with, or a gun for any other reason an AR will probably fill the void that you are looking for. ARs are guns that a lot of people are moving toward now because they are fun, powerful, and with all the accessories you can get them looking pretty cool. Guns are becomming more and more advanced everyday, and these guns are at the top of the list.